The Girls' Camp


There are 6 identical camper cabins nestled into the forest at the girls’ camp. Each cabin houses 2 staff members and a maximum of 11 campers. Each cabin has a screened door and windows for combortable summer ventilation. Campers are provided storage areas for their belongings.

Waysides (Bathrooms)

Brantwood for Girls has 2 large Waysides (bathroom buildings) for the campers to use. Each Wayside is a modern building with hot running water, private shower areas, sinks and flushing toilets.


The pool is a great place to cool off on a hot summer day. When not in use the pool is secured by a locked fence and during every scheduled swim the pool area is supervised by certified Lifeguards. During the first swim period of each session, the swimming ability of each camper is evaluated, and the campers will be assigned to the appropriate area of the pool based on their abilities. Campers have the opportunity to improve their swimming skills during Instructional Swims and have fun in the pool with friends during Free Swim. Swimming in the pool consistently ranks first when campers are asked to list their favorite activities at Camp.


Brantwood has several large playing fields where campers and staff enjoy soccer, flag football, softball, kickball, group games and many other activities.

The Commons (Dining Hall)

The Commons is equipped with custom crafted tables, benches and chairs and comfortably holds about 100 people. The room is also equipped with a working fireplace. The dining hall at the Girls’ Camp seats about 100 people comfortably. All staff and campers from the Girls’ Camp gather together in the Commons for 3 meals each day. Our experienced chef plans menus that are delicious and healthy. In addition to the main meal, there is a salad bar available at most lunches and dinners. There is always plenty of food and we are able to make accommodations for vegetarian diets. If your camper has food allergies, diet restrictions or any other diet related need, please be sure to let us know that on the Health History form so that we can best plan for your child.


The kitchen at the Girls’ Camp is a modern kitchen with state of the art equipment that includes an 8 burner stove, 2 ovens, 1 convection oven, and a large grill top. Other equipment includes a Hobart dishwasher, large wallk-in cooler and a combination of chest and upright freezers. The kitchen has counter space for prepping meals, a serving area and food and equipment storage. All meals are served family style with the utmost consideration given to taste and nutrition.

The Health Facility

In 2009 Brantwood opened 2 new health facilities, one at the boys’ campus and one at the girls’ campus. The building, a 3 bedroom, 2 full bathroom modular, is fully stocked with medical supplies and is where all prescription and over the counter medications are kept under lock. There are beds for campers who are not feeling well, and any camper in the Health Facility is supervised and monitored by the Camp Nurse, either an LPN or RN. Each campus (boys and girls) has a nurse who is on-duty 24/7 to attend to the medical needs of campers and staff, and to dispense all prescription and over the counter medications.

Holiday House

The Holiday House is a large recreation building used for Campfire, Chapel, Movie Nights and indoor activities on rainy days.  The Holiday House is equipped with benches and comfortably holds all the girls’ camp staff and campers (approximately 100 people). The building also has a working fireplace.

Nature Trails

Brantwood Camp has developed a marked nature trail system that explores the woods and stonewalls of this former farm property. The highlight of the nature trail is the extensive beaver pond that is accessible from both the Boys’ and Girls’ Campus. The pond has multiple beaver dams and lodges and is host to endless opportunities for exploration.

The Camp Bell

The bell is the life of Camp. It’s tones, waking campers and staff up in the morning, signaling activity changes, and ringing to bring everyone together for the evening camp fire, can easily be heard throughout camp.

Camp Capacity

Brantwood for Girls has the capacity for 66 campers (11 per cabin x 6 cabins), 12 staff in camper cabins (2 per cabin x 6 cabins) for supervision, and 25 staff in the Headquarters Building. Total capacity of 103. This capacity number is reflective of the number of beds available in

camp, and does not reflect the number of staff supervising the 66 campers at any given time.