Since 1904, Brantwood Camp has not turned away any child from the joys of summer camp due to a family’s lack of ability to pay. Brantwood is supported to a large extent by its alumni/ae and generous Friends of Brantwood. Although the families of campers pay registration fees, the actual costs of a session at camp far exceed this fee. Providing campers with an 80% scholarship towards the actual cost of Camp (about $1,700 per camper) is a challenging task that is vital to the mission of our organization.

Donations to the Annual Appeal are accepted year-round, and assure that a two-week overnight camping experience is affordable for every camper. Some families need assistance with the already subsidized $250 registration fee for a two-week summer camping experience. In effect, every camper is on scholarship.

Each year, we ask that you think about why giving to Brantwood, in particular, is a good thing. In a world full of uncertainty, violence and moral challenges, Brantwood gives wholeheartedly to sustaining, teaching, and preserving the ideals that we have all learned: Honesty, Loyalty, Cooperation, Good Sportsmanship, Unselfishness, and Respect.

Every dollar counts and we thank you for your participation!