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Brantwood Camp is hiring! To apply for a position, download the Employment Application, print it out, and mail it back to Brantwood. We will review your application and contact you for an interview.

General Staff Positions Available

General Counselors: General counselors must be at least 18 years of age and must have completed at least one year of college. Working at Brantwood Camp is an extremely valuable experience for individuals pursuing a profession in teaching, social work, nursing, business administration or any other career that focuses on working with teens or groups of people. Brantwood Camp offers a challenging and supportive environment where both staff and campers have the opportunity to learn and grow. CPR and First Aid certification are provided to all staff during the orientation week. Staff salaries range from $1,800 to $3,000 with related experience and education being taken into consideration.


Staff Hiring

Brantwood Camp counselors are a diverse group dedicated to the well-being of all our campers. Staff members are chosen for their leadership skills, experience with children, and their warm and creative personalities. Each year, our staff is focused on providing each camper with personal support to ensure a positive summer camping experience. Brantwood Camp employs 60 staff each summer which provides the campers with a 1:10 supervision ratio. Our counselors are former campers, college student recruits, and individuals recruited through international camp staffing agencies. The average age of our staff is between 18 and 24 and their variety of backgrounds reflects Brantwood’s diverse camper population.


Staff Requirements

To be considered, prospective staff members must submit an application, undergo a background check, complete an interview with the Executive Director, and must provide a minimum of three current references. To be eligible for a position, applicants must be available for the full period of employment.

Staff Training provides seven days of staff training and orientation prior to the arrival of the campers. This training week is mandatory for all staff members and is geared to provide valuable information and skills training for new staff as well as provide an excellent review for returning staff.

Returning Staff Forms

Returning staff must complete and submit the following forms:

  • Contract (to be emailed)
  • Job Summary
  • Employee Information Update
  • Staff Voluntary Disclosure
  • Background Check Release
  • Health History Form
  • W4 Form

Returning staff must also submit:

  • Current physical
  • Record of Immunizations
  • Photocopy of Drivers License (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of Health Insurance Card

Junior and Middle Counselor Forms

All Junior and Middle Counselors must complete and submit the following forms:

  • Contract (to be emailed)
  • Job Summary
  • Voluntary Disclosure
  • Physical (must be current)
  • Health History Form
  • Prescription Medication Form (if necessary)
  • Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medication Form
  • I-9 Emplyment Eligibility Form (new applicants only)
  • JC/MC Travel Form
  • JC/MC State of NH Permission to Work Form
  • JC/MC Certification Letter
  • Overnight Exemption Form
  • Summer Food Service Program Form
  • W4 Form

Junior and Middle Counselors must also submit:

  • Record of Immunizations
  • Photocopy of Health Insurance Card

employment forms

Employment application

reference form

Employee information update

Staff voluntary disclosure

Background check form

health HX form

Jc &MC certification letter

JC&MC Physical Form

JC&MC Travel Permission Form

NH Permission to Work Form

OTC Med Form

Overnight Exemption

Prescription Med Form

SFSP Parent Letter & Instructions